American Music Talent Competition

محمدرضا اژدری

2023 American Music Talent

Congratulations to the dear students who were able to make Iran proud in the 3rd place in the 2023 American Music Talent Competition.


1- Selina Shokrabi, a 9-year-old artist from Iran (Traditional Music Talent Category) –  Music: Faryad by Anoushirvan Rouhani

2- Raham Abdul Hosseini, 12-year-old artist from Iran (Classic Music Talent Category) – Revolutionary Etude No. 12 by Chopin

3- Barsam Akbari, 10-year-old artist from Iran (Traditional Music Talent Category) – Music: Nasim / Zepiur


American Youth Musician Union is a non-profit organization founded by a group of professional musicians, pianists, singers, we run the international music competition open to all nationalities. AYMU presents two distinguished music competitions every year, American Music Talent Competition and American Classical Young Musician Award. The role of AYMU is to promote traditional and contemporary classical music art for the benefit of enriching the musical and artistic experience of its members and fostering the mutual understanding and appreciation of cultural diversification in the communities we live and share. Since its inception, AYMU has been working in alliance and corporation with many classical professional groups and organizations, such as Kennedy center, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln center Center and other classical music associations, instrumental groups, vocal ensembles, music & art academies, etc. to introduce various entertainment and educational programs and conduct numerous performance for the people in the communities of great Washington and East Coast regions.