Composer and Conductor

I ‘am Mohammad Reza Ajdari

I was born in 1989 in Tehran and started music in 1997.
First I got acquainted with the keyboard instrument , then I changed my orientation to the piano instrument.

I am Mohammad Reza Ajdari, born in 1989 in Tehran. I started music in 1997. In 2012, I was accepted in Tehran University of Arts in the field of music with a rank of 5 in entrance exam. Since 2001, I have shown my interest in forming music groups and I have continued my activities as the group leader. I participated in many festivals and concerts, until 2007 that I decided to improve my skills for composing and conducting an orchestra.

I made my first song in 2004 called “Your Voice”.It made me take bigger steps in this field for the future. In 2012. In 2014, I registered my orchestra under the name of ” Padramad “ in the music office of ” Vahdat Hall “.Every year we held concerts with 40 to 60 musicians to perform world-famous pieces. For the first time, I continued my work as an orchestra conductor and arranger.

In 2018 , I founded my music academy called “Tanin Honar” and now I have my first non-verbal music album called “Miracle of Love” with the official permission of the Ministry of Guidance and its book called “Miracle of Love for Piano” ( It’s been published for those who are interested in my pieces )

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